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The Beginning

Happy Hill Church was established in 1916 in the school house in Ringo, Oklahoma (one mile north of the present church site). At that time, different itinerant evangelists traveled to the school and held revival services there from 1916 through 1921. These were the "Holiness Revivals" where people came and received the Pentecostal blessing. Stories from that time tell of interested people arriving on foot and horseback. Families came in horse drawn wagons and even a few motorized vehicles.

Our First Church Building

In 1921, the school board felt uncomfortable with the revival services and decided to put a stop to the meetings in their school house. So the revival moved one mile south to a hay barn on land donated by John and Martha Street. The Streets' had been impacted by the revival services—being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in the school house. The Streets' hay barn was set on a ridge overlooking the Caney River Valley and was next to a main road which crossed the Caney River at the Tyner Indian Ford. As services started at the barn, the traffic of horseback, horse-and-wagon, and occasional motorized vehicle stirred up considerable dust.

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